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Agile working, managing uncertainty and engaging funders

This week we have spoken to three associate consultants that work with us on the Change Creation programme and at people make it work. They offer really useful insights into agile working, managing uncertainty and how we can engage with funders. How we can empower our teams, simplify or streamline decision making processes, use this time to look at prototyping…

Creating a case for change

We all face change, everyday, as humans. What about change in our organisations? There is often a compelling impetus - COVID-19 crisis, the climate crisis, social justice, finance, staffing, responding to need. Whatever the impetus for change, it is important to understand the threats and opportunities. Different from a SWOT analysis, this case for change helps organisations to articulate the…

How we can think about place, value and connection - responding to COVID-19

How we do we ensure our own personal resilience in times of change and anxiety? How do we focus on what really matters during times of crisis? How we do we keep connected and focus on our 'place' and value when we are physically dislocated from our communities. In this week's panel Claire Doherty, Gregory Nash and Clare Thurman speak…

Resilience, governance and brand - responding to COVID-19

During the COVID-19 crisis we’re convening panels every week with sector experts, to share their insights, experience and advice on how, as organisations and leaders we can respond to the crisis. This week we were joined by Caroline Collier, Rob McPherson and Andrea Nixon who share their ideas and approaches on: resilience; marketing, communication and brand; and trustees and governance…

Invaluable advice on how to respond and plan in these uncertain times - watch and share

Today we convened a virtual panel of sector experts to help us think about these unprecedented times - what our response should be, how we can re-model our organisations, how we take care of ourselves and our staff in these times, how we continue to connect with communities, what we can do to safeguard our future in terms of finance…