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    We support arts and cultural organisations to change, develop and become more relevant to more people.

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    Change hungry? We’ve got a library of free tools and resources and ‘How to…. Videos’ to help you and your organisation deliver lasting change.

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    A new programme – Creating Transformation for cultural organisations who are hungry to lead the sector to become more relevant, equitable, sustainable, resilient, dynamic, ambitious, creative and socially just. 


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Change Creation works with visionary organisations to create and embed transformational change. We are committed helping arts and cultural organisations and their leaders to change and shape their organisations to become stronger, more relevant and more equitable.

With industry and sector experts we create tools, resources, workshops, peer programmes to help organisations re-model, lead, engage, trail blaze, advocate, re-shape, connect, focus, connect, collaborate and communicate to re-imagine and safeguard futures to become more relevant to more people

We want to share free resources, offer insights and support that you might find useful, and help in any way that occurs to you so talk to us to access our free support or to explore ways that our team of colleagues could complement your existing team to help you navigate changes in your organisation, community and nation.

Drop us an email here and we’ll connect with you today to see how we can support you in your unprecedented journey.

New Programme in 2022

Co-designed and co-created with the sector, Creating Transformation provides sustained and immersive support for all arts and cultural organisations across the UK. With 18 months of intensive learning, workshops, mentoring, action learning, tools, resources and personal development Creating Transformation enables organisations to re-model, re-shape, realign, refocus and reimagine their futures. This programme is for organisations who are hungry to lead the sector to become more relevant, equitable, sustainable, resilient, dynamic, ambitious, creative and socially just.

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Change Creation is designed and delivered by people make it work, one of the UK’s most experienced organisational development agencies working in the Cultural sector. By working and learning together and creating a vibrant community of leaders, organisations are supported to realise and share real change that benefits their people, audiences, participants and the wider cultural sector.


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As you will have noticed, this website is dedicated to the Change Creation programme, designed and delivered by people make it work. It’s a two year programme for leaders of arts and cultural organisations. If you are looking for the limited company called ‘change creation’ run by Trevor Jarrett and Shaun Price and based in Billericay, then please redirect to www.changecreation.co.uk. We get the impression that Trevor and Shaun are nice fellas and have a good team around them, but this link shouldn’t be considered a recommendation, referral or promotion of their company, we’re just being good neighbours and helping you find who you are looking for. Thanks!