Active, focused and designed to deliver.

Change Creation is a programme specifically designed for leaders like you, who have a change or development that will make their organisation more resilient and who know that working together with other like-minded leaders generates amazing results.

Each organisation helps to develop the curriculum, so whether your change plan involves becoming more financially independent and stable, refreshing strategy and business models, shifting organisational culture, connecting with new audiences, building capacity or attracting alternative finance to fund growth, together we’ll create a curriculum, tools and resources to support your plans and realise lasting change.

Designed and delivered by people make it work, the tools, resources, insights and models have been developed over decades by some of the best change management experts working across international business today. If you would like free resources and to connect with the programme we’d love to hear from you.


Programme features

Expert-led training and skills development

Participants get 30 days of expert training and peer-leadership learning.

Six two-day workshops of collaborative group-based sessions around the country that  provide the knowledge, insights, tools and models needed to make the step-changes in each organisation.

18 further days of intensive workshops – the topics and content are designed in response to the needs of each organisation and led by expert consultants and sector leaders.

You can also access additional action learning sets.

Business and investment advice

Our programme is about change creation so we don’t stop when organisations are ‘change ready’. We’re helping to build relationships and appetite with funders, investors and potential supporters to ensure that every organisation has multiple funding options to realistically explore during the programme. We are ready to support organisations when they are ready and looking for funds.

Peer Support, Co-coaching, Action Learning

We believe that being part of a close-knit community of peer learning and mutual support is the most powerful part of the programme, harnessing the knowledge and insights of the group, deepening learning, resolving challenges and transforming practice, long term. Change Creation is a network of  leaders, who are all ‘change hungry’ with  planned changes in their organisation… learning from each others experience and insights, live and direct.


We know that organisations of different sizes and scale have access to different budgets. We’re therefore working to ensure that all organisations can access Change Creation and we’re working with funders to provide bursaries to help cover costs.

Digital Learning Hub

This online home for the Change Creation community is where knowledge, resources and ideas flow. Each organisation shares their learning, documenting their progress, connecting with other leaders, getting feedback, accessing tools and resources.

The Hub enables organisations to stay up to date and get feedback on plans and progress, test creative ideas and approaches through group discussion with peers and support colleagues through action learning sets and co-coaching.

With accessible social media tools, (we’re using the social media tools used daily rather than invent new ones!) the Change Creation cohort is connected with peers, the speakers, facilitators, mentors and consultants beyond the face-to-face sessions, making it easy to track other leaders learning and insights, and get advice all in one place.

The Hub also provides another layer of virtual learning with live Q&As, mini-masterclasses and coaching sessions. Every speaker featured in live workshops  offers tailored advice and support in this learning space. We’ve learnt from other virtual spaces internationally to shape one that actually works. With experts on our Advisory Panel including the Director of Google Creative Labs, we know we can create a powerful learning and connecting digital space that will enable learning and provide support.

As you will have noticed, this website is dedicated to the Change Creation programme, designed and delivered by people make it work. It’s a two year programme for leaders of arts and cultural organisations. If you are looking for the limited company called ‘change creation’ run by Trevor Jarrett and Shaun Price and based in Billericay, then please redirect to We get the impression that Trevor and Shaun are nice fellas and have a good team around them, but this link shouldn’t be considered a recommendation, referral or promotion of their company, we’re just being good neighbours and helping you find who you are looking for. Thanks!