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Monetising digital assets

How can we monetise our digital assets? What are the different ways of doing it? What are the implications of the different approaches and platforms? In this short document we share examples of organisations who have adopted different approaches, along with some of the things we might consider before jumping in.


A business planning cycle for changed times - implications and approach

We know that changing times need a change in methods, ideas, processes, resources and priorities. In the resources section of our website you'll find a suite a tools all focussing on business planning - how to get started, audience needs, asset mapping, deploying assets to meet needs.  Now we're thinking about what the business planning process and cycle might be,…

Deploying assets to meet needs

This tool is best used in conjunction with two other tools that we've published, so before you make a start on this tool, check out the 'audience needs' tool and the 'asset mapping' tool. So you've identified the existing, emerging and shifting needs of your audience. You've identified the assets that are available to your organisation. Now it's time to…

Business Planning - Asset mapping

This is a tool to help you to identify the things that you have at your disposal to deliver your mission and to think about how they might be deployed. Think about the assets you have in your sector, your organisation and with the individuals you work with. What is being over-used (and needs support) what is being under-used (and…

Business planning: Meeting the needs of our audience and communities

In changed times and in our futures the needs of audiences and communities will continue to iterate and re-shape. How do we adapt our cultural offer to reflect their needs. What can be adapted, what needs to be 'paused' for the time being, and is there anything new we can try? This tool is super simple, with step by step…