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We are creating tools, resources and working with industry and sector experts to help think with you about we can re-model our organisations, communicate effectively, safeguard futures and continue to work with and for the communities we feel so passionately about. 
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15 words

This tool is a simple way to define the change that you are creating and build consensus

Culture ChangeDeveloping StrategyLeadershipVision and Mission

Opportunity Threat matrix

What are the opportunities that you might be missing out on? What are the threats that you need to address? A simple tool to help you articulate the need for change and to build consensus.

Change ModelDeveloping StrategyLeadershipVision and Mission

Elevator Pitch

This is a really simple and effective tool to help you articulate the change you are making, why you're doing it and what you need from others to help you deliver your change.

Change ModelDeveloping StrategyStakeholdersVision and Mission

As is, to be model

The 'As is, to be' tool is a simple, effective resource for you to use to identify where you are now, where you're going and some of the steps to get there. Let us know how you get on.

Change ModelCulture ChangeDeveloping StrategyLeadershipStakeholdersVision and Mission

8 Elements of Change

This is our Change Model - 8 elements of change. Work your way through this step by step guide to capture your perception of your current position and to create a bench-mark for your change journey.

Change ModelCulture ChangeDeveloping StrategyVision and Mission