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We are creating tools, resources and working with industry and sector experts to help think with you about we can re-model our organisations, communicate effectively, safeguard futures and continue to work with and for the communities we feel so passionately about. 
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What are the existing, new and different ways of working we need to embed to adapt to a new way of working?

We're working with sector specialists to surface the changes in our working practices. Led by Michèle Taylor, we're drawing together insights, practice, tools and case studies to explore: Working practices that are emerging for the first time in some organisations, what are seeing, hearing, witnessing? What makes us optimistic? What makes us fearful? What can we learn from other sectors,…

Creating a agile business plan - tools and resources for you and your organisation

We've been working with sector experts to create tools and resources to support organisations who are working on their business plans. In our first bundle of resources we look at 'getting started on your business plan'. Focus on the purpose. Why are you writing your business plan at this time… is it to galvanise, re-shape, prioritise, or cohere? Who is…

How do we approach recovery? How do we invest in the right things?

This week we convened a panel of sector specialists who explore a range of insights and response. How do we invest in the right things? What can we pilot, what can we test? The importance of trust, and how we can build trust when we are working in dispersed teams? The importance of brand purpose and how we can use…

HR, wellbeing, communication and community engagement

This is one of our weekly panels that we're hosting - talking to people make it work associates, all of whom have unique insights into different areas of work that support and strengthen the arts and cultural sector. This week we talked with Miki Lentin, Philipa Deller, and Lawrence Becko and listened to their thoughts on HR, wellbeing, communication, professional development…

Sector specialist panel discuss responses to COVID-19

This week, Michèle Taylor, Alex Rinsler, Anna Dinnen and Ellen O'Hara join Richard Watts to talk about how we are responding to change, how we can use this time to reflect and learn and re-shape our organisations, how we can support creative communities and how we can take care of ourselves and the people we work with. You can watch…