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When does the next Change Creation programme start?

We’re recruiting now! We’ve had a staggering response, to our second programme, and so much so, we’re creating a further programme to start in September 2020 which will run until July 2022. The programme is open and available for  arts and cultural organisations from across the UK. Places are limited, and we want to ensure there is a diverse blend of organisations representing different art forms, and organisations of different size and scale so that we can all benefit from a range of insights, perspectives and organisational challenges. Each programme comprises 6 residential workshops, 18 1 day intensive workshops, supported with action learning sets, online tools, resources and masterclasses, with curriculum built around the needs of the organisations on the programme.

How do I apply?

It’s simple. Just tell us about the changes you are seeking to make, and a little bit about yourself and your leadership team. Just three questions.

The application form is here: Application form Change Creation 3

Places are limited and in demand, and we’re hoping to work with a broad range of organisations from different art forms, size and scale.

I'd like talk to someone to find out more...

We’d love to talk to you. If you’d like to talk about your application, your change plans, or any support you might need to complete the application let us know and we’ll arrange a time to talk.

We’re offering limited bursaries to organisations with smaller budgets, so if you’re keen to apply but the fees are beyond your budget, please do get in touch and we will do whatever we can to help.

Who can apply?

Change Creation is open to all arts and cultural organisations across the UK, and this includes local and public sector bodies with an arts and culture agenda.

Creating change is an act of leadership so applications are invited from senior leaders and members of leadership teams – we recommend two leaders from each organisation. We’re really keen to work with a diverse range of organisations – small to large, from all different art forms and organisations from the cultural sector… galleries, festivals, publishing, dance, libraries, museums, music, studios, theatres.

What are the fees for Change Creation programme?

We’re working with funders across the UK to be able to offer organisations with smaller budgets bursaries.

The cost is £2,500 + VAT per person, per year. We will invoice for this in 4 phases to spread the cost across three financial years.

Remember that we encourage organisations to engage their whole leadership team in the change creation programme. This means that additional members of your leadership team who are working on your change can access up to 18 workshops – so whilst we know that budgets are always squeezed, we hope that 18 intensive workshops, 6 residential change leadership workshops and mentoring, coaching, resources and support accessed by your whole team represents incredible value.

Can you offer financial support for organisations with smaller budgets?

We’d love to. We’re working hard to secure funding for bursaries. We’re also keen to talk to you about discounts for more than 2 people. And if you’ve got a space to host a workshop then we can also explore discounting your fees further. Please complete the application form and tell us what support you are looking for and we’ll do the rest.

Application form Change Creation 3

Is there a curriculum for the Change Creation programme?

The curriculum is based on the needs of the individuals, their organisation and their change plans, so all the cohort members are asked to identify their areas of need and with that information, we create a tailor made programme that will include 6 residential workshops and 18 one day intensive workshops that might include business modelling, marketing, audience development, income generation, leadership, coaching, diversity, project management, stakeholder engagement, alternative finance, social impact evaluation and measurement… and more!

What's the deadline for applying?

Please send us your application form no later than 1st July 2020.

If for any reason you are unable to send us your form by the deadline or we can help in anyway, please do get in touch.

Where can I find the application form?

It’s here…

Application form for Change Creation

Remember, we’re really happy to talk to you before you send in your application form so please get in touch if you’d like to talk to us.

Please send us your application form no later than 1st July 2020

If for any reason you are unable to send us your form by the deadline or we can help in anyway, please do get in touch.

What's the application process?

It’s simple… just three questions. Tell us a little bit about yourself and the changes you are seeking to make. Remember we’re really happy to talk to you before you complete your application so do get in touch if you’d like to talk to us.

Application form for Change Creation

Please send us your application form no later than 1st July. We’ll acknowledge receipt of your application and get back in touch. We hope to accept all organisations on to the programme, but we do have limited spaces so will work to ensure that there is a broad range of organisations from different art forms, size, scale and location.

If for any reason you are unable to send us your form by the deadline or we can help in anyway, please do get in touch.

How will you select the organisations on the programme?

We’re committed to working with ‘change hungry’ organisations that reflect the breadth and diversity of the UKs arts and cultural sector so we’re working hard to attract organisations of different scale, art form, location and we’re really interested to support a range of change plans…

Where we can we want to be able to accommodate all interested organisations.

How can I connect with organisations on the programme?

There are lots of ways to find out more about the organisations on the Change Creation programme, their change plans and their leaders.

Sign up to our newsletter, and we’ll keep you up to date with blogs, vlogs, free resources and learning from everyone in the Change Creation cohort. You can also access free resources from the programme in the ‘Connect and Deliver’ section of the website.

We’re also busy building a new ‘cohort section’ so you’ll be able to see an overview of the organisations, their change plans and their leaders.

Can I access the HUB?

The HUB is where the cohort will be discussing their change plans, learning and insights. It is a ‘closed’ site for the cohort, some of the resources, tools and insights will be available for free, for anyone, and you can access those from the ‘Connect and Deliver’ section of the website… Resources and tools will be updated monthly so please do keep connected.

What changes are the organisations are making?

Each organisation has identified the changes that they need to make to them more resilient. There are some really exciting and ambitious changes planned across the cohort, that will see organisations relocate, expand, develop new income streams, establish new structures and governance, reach new audiences and shift organisational culture.

If there is an organisation going through similar changes to you, let us know and we’ll connect you.

Do you have an organisational development toolkit?

The resources and tools that we develop will be made available via the ‘Connect and Deliver’ section on the website. We don’t use off the shelf solutions, because we don’t believe there are ‘off the shelf’ organisations so everything we develop will be to support the change plans of the cohort. They will cover a range of topics and issues that will include Change Management, Engaging Stakeholders, Developing Strategy, Shifting Organisational Culture, Diversifying Income Streams, Alternative Finance, Leadership, Social Return on Investment, Advocacy and Influencing, Embracing Digital Technologies, Fundraising, Governance…. so we’re sure that you will find tools and resources that useful to you, your organisation and the changes you are planning. Why not take a look at our ‘Eight elements of change’ model and let us know if you’d like to find out more.

I’d like to talk to someone about my organisation’s change plans.

We’d love to talk to you. Change Creation is designed, developed and delivered by people make it work, one the most experienced organisational development consultancies in the UK, working in the cultural sector for more than 19 years. people make it work has supported some of the best cultural organisations in the UK, helping their leadership and teams to evolve and develop, to build strength, resilience and relevance in today’s challenging contexts.

Nearly 90% of our projects come from recommendations and referrals, but if you don’t already know us, then just drop us a line… we’re really looking forward to meeting you!

As you will have noticed, this website is dedicated to the Change Creation programme, designed and delivered by people make it work. It’s a two year programme for leaders of arts and cultural organisations. If you are looking for the limited company called ‘change creation’ run by Trevor Jarrett and Shaun Price and based in Billericay, then please redirect to www.changecreation.co.uk. We get the impression that Trevor and Shaun are nice fellas and have a good team around them, but this link shouldn’t be considered a recommendation, referral or promotion of their company, we’re just being good neighbours and helping you find who you are looking for. Thanks!