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Get clarity and buy-in on the changes you are making. A really simple straight forward way to explore different views, opinions and identify the common vision for the changes you are making.

8 Elements of Change Model Self Evaluation Tool

Work through the 8 Element Change Model using this self evaluation tool - where are you now, what areas do you need to focus on? Use the prompts and indicators to guide your thinking.

Influencing Plans

Actively understand, attract and win the support of stakeholders to ensure your success. Create a plan using this tool.

Developing StrategyLeadershipStakeholders

Influencing Styles

Knowing who your stakeholders are, and how best to them engage them in your change will create opportunities for ownership and impact. Think about how you can make it easy for them to support and engage.


Stakeholder Mapping

Engaging with your stakeholders - those who are affected by your change, and those who can effect your change - is critical to your change management. Map your stakeholders using this tool, and identify what their concerns, issues and interests are to engage them in your change.