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Responding to change

We are all experiencing unprecedented pressure. As public facing organisations at the heart of communities, often reliant on the public to remain viable, and as employers and a source of income for countless freelance and casual workers we are all affected in myriad ways by this public health crisis. It's important that we understand how people respond and react to…

Make your vision actionable

Is your vision abstract? Do you need to articulate in ways that are meaningful to people. Here’s how to hone in on the implications of your vision. This is a powerpoint tool with audio and narration from Richard Watts, Co-Director, explaining how you can use this tool to surface the actions, behaviours, values and goals needed to get your vision…

Clarify your vision

The 15 words tool is great way gain consensus and hear different voices to bring real clarity to your change vision. This powerpoint presentation has an audio narration - listen to Richard Watts, Co-Director as he talks you through how you might use this tool with your management teams.

As is, to be

Are you looking to create change? Do you have a clear and compelling vision for change? Is your vision compelling and lofty, will it inspire and enthuse? Is it concrete, high level and grounded? Here's a super simple tool that you can use with your teams, individuals, and across organisations to help engage people in your change programme, surface resistance,…

Brand Health Check

Is your current brand fit for purpose? Does it reflect the organisation you are today? Here's a really easy tool to check whether your brand is future-proofed and is reflecting your organisation and values.