• How do we re-imagine our relationships with our audiences and communities?

    We’re exploring how, as arts and cultural organisations we can reimagine our relationships with audiences and communities. This is the introductory panel conversation we hosted with Claire Antrobus, Rob Macpherson, David Micklem and Becca Pelly-Fry… all ¬†contributing unique insights from their experience as leaders in the arts and cultural sectors.

    Together we’ll be exploring tools, resources, case studies and ideas to help us re-imagine our relationships with the people who are central to our organisations – our audiences and communities.

    What environment do we need to enable re-imagination? Trust, transparency, creativity… what else?
    How we do amplify the civic role of our organisations?
    How do we ensure that the work we produce and share is with the thumbprints of audiences all over it?
    What does our society want and need right now, and in our futures?
    Who do we have relationships with? Who is missing? Who are we hearing, seeing and listening to?
    Are we demonstrating our responsibility to be representative our audiences? Have we got our priorities right?
    What about digital? Who is doing it well? What can we learn from the leaders of digital engagement?

    You can watch the panel video here: https://youtu.be/VSX5XGEx594

    Resources, tools and insights to support this area of exploration will be posted on our resources page.