• Latest insights from sector specialists exploring social justice, diversity and inclusion

    This week we are joined by Kamaljit Poonia and Charles Beckett, in conversation with Richard Watts, CEO / Founder of people make it work, and Co-Director of Change Creation.

    Kamaljit is a diversity, equality and inclusion expert with a career spanning the Cabinet Office, Southhampton University, DfID, and local authorities in Camden and Bristol. She explores how a focus on inclusion can ensure connection, relevance and resilience. Our role as cultural organisations is to ensure that a range of voices are heard, have agency and a voice in the our culture.



    Charles Beckett is an Arts Consultant with experience at ACE, European Cultural Foundation and Cultural Solidarity Fund. He discusses the Cultural Solidarity Fund and some of the themes that are emerging from his work there, and brings insights and ideas from the different civic and and funding contexts in Eastern and Southern Europe.



    Thought provoking insights as we explore the ideas of solidarity and the role of UK cultural organisations today.  All of the panels that we produce are with the support and generosity of our people make it work associates.

    You can watch the video here


  • Creating a business plan fit for our times

    During these uncertain times how do we create nimble, agile, responsive business plans? Is this an opportunity to reshape our business planning models and focus on iterative planning? What can we know or assume is likely when we are surrounded by uncertainty?

    We’ve convened a panel of sector specialists to hear their views and insights on business planning and we think it’s definitely worth a watch… and worth sharing too.

    View this panel conversation on our You Tube Channel here