Change Creation Resources

What are the existing, new and different ways of working we need to embed to adapt to a new way of working?

We're working with sector specialists to surface the changes in our working practices. Led by Michèle Taylor, we're drawing together insights, practice, tools and case studies to explore:

  • Working practices that are emerging for the first time in some organisations, what are seeing, hearing, witnessing? What makes us optimistic? What makes us fearful?
  • What can we learn from other sectors, organisations, communities that have experience of ¬†distributed working, engaging in new working practices? Who should we be listening to and connecting with?
  • What are some of the practices / habits that we can explore and embed to make our organisations accessible, caring, effective and responsive?
  • The challenges / benefits and practical implications of managing and leading dispersed teams?
  • How to you empower teams, build confidence and trust?
This is the opening panel discussion to surface thinking. Watch it here.