Change Creation Resources

Creating a agile business plan - tools and resources for you and your organisation

We've been working with sector experts to create tools and resources to support organisations who are working on their business plans. In our first bundle of resources we look at 'getting started on your business plan'. Focus on the purpose. Why are you writing your business plan at this time… is it to galvanise, re-shape, prioritise, or cohere? Who is it for? In rapidly changing environment is the priority your staff, your stakeholders, your funders or partners. Try and go beyond general categories eg ‘our staff’ and picture individuals/smaller groups of individuals to help bring colour and detail to the range of needs and expectations.  Can we ask our readers what they need rather than make assumptions? Timescales - define the length of plan period that works for your organisation, but think about iteration and breaking it down into cycles.  What will be fast and good enough, rather than a ‘full glory’ version?  What is driving your timeline (dependencies on others, government guidelines, term times etc) and what might constrain it (capacity / resources probably).   Roles - break this down if appropriate to trustees, SMT, wider staff teams, furloughed staff.  What might constitute training activity (professional development) for furloughed staff? Do we need to keep others ‘in the loop’ as we go?  Identify when the moments are for ideas/generative thinking and when/who makes decisions.  Can we use quick methods of team voting/ranking (more than normal) to test for alignment as we go? Context - in a time of uncertainty, what can we certain about? What is the operating context we are in? What are the assumed truths we can work with... people will have less disposable income, habits and routines will change, a growth in digital content, changes in travel etc. How do we respond? Competitors - what does the landscape look like? Are there opportunities for collaboration, rather than competition? We're sharing tools and resources and a step-by-step guide to take you through this process with your teams.