Introducing Inpress…

Inpress Ltd is a sales and marketing agency committed to supporting the sales growth and business development of independent publishers.

Inpress recently took over the Poetry Book Society, a poetry book club, founded in 1953 by T S Eliot, which selects and delivers the best of contemporary poetry from the UK and Ireland to its members.

Our Change Creation Plan

Inpress is constantly striving to offer the best representation possible to our member publishers; increasing their turnover through sales to the book trade, supporting them with marketing initiatives and helping them grow through business development opportunities.

We will grow our business in the forthcoming years by diversifying Inpress’ income streams beyond sales commission and ACE funding. In 2016, Inpress took over the Poetry Book Society (PBS). Growth of this important part of the poetry eco system is key to our change. Increasing the membership and making the business more forward thinking, digital and inclusive are our key drivers.

A further part of the growth plan of the Poetry Book Society is to establish an online poetry bookshop.  There is a gap in the market for an online poetry outlet, properly curated, offering exposure to a wide range of poets and publishers. Inpress and the Poetry Book Society is in the perfect position to successfully launch such an initiative.

The long term impact of these changes will consolidate the place of Inpress and the Poetry Book Society in the literary landscape, making us key players in the growth and development of the poetry market. We aim to be an organisation that drives change, but is also reactive to the needs of the market, ready to form partnerships but not afraid to strike out alone.

Sophie O’Neill

Sophie is the Managing Director of Inpress and has worked in independent and corporate publishing and joined Inpress in 2013. Since then the publisher sales business has grown by almost 100% and the company expanded to incorporate the Poetry Book Society. Sophie hopes that sharing the challenges faced in creating change with leaders from other arts backgrounds will be an invaluable resource for the growth of Inpress.

You can read Sophie’s Change Leadership profile here

Ian Grant

Ian’s career in publishing spans 45 years and he became Chair of Inpress in 2014.  As a partner in Creative Structure Ltd, Ian consults on financial management and corporate structure in the creative industries. Ian has recently trained as an actor and playwright and founded Time Productions to create and market work in live theatre and online web series.