Introducing Turner Contemporary…

Since opening in 2011, Turner Contemporary has become one of the most successful galleries in the UK. We’ve led the regeneration of Margate, achieving more than 2.5 million visits. We are committed to challenging traditional gallery practice to make ourselves more accessible, repositioning art as more relevant to society.

Our Change Creation Plan

Through Change Creation we will embrace a more entrepreneurial approach in order to generate income from our unique programme and will explore whether any part of our work can become self-sustaining.

Turner Contemporary is leading ambitious change at the centre of a fragile arts ecology and in an area of high disadvantage. There is a real urgency for us to find a way to continue to thrive and make the most of our assets in challenging economic circumstances. We have generated £58 million for the Kent economy since opening, but still struggle to meet our own income targets. We are known internationally for our use of Hands on Philosophy, our unique approach to community-led commissioning and support of children’s leadership through the arts. How can we create a cultural change in our organisation in order for us to benefit from our success and innovation?

Sarah Martin

Sarah, Head of Exhibitions joined Turner Contemporary as Exhibitions Curator in April 2007. Previously she worked at Camden Arts Centre and Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead in the lead up to, and after, the opening of the new building. She has also worked at Whitechapel Gallery and Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

Karen Eslea

Karen joined Turner Contemporary in 2001 and became Head of Learning and Visitor Experience in 2014. She established the Learning Programme, pioneering the use of Hands On Philosophy. She is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Art, Design and Craft Education and was awarded a Marsh Award for Excellence in Gallery Education in 2011.

You can read Karen’s Change Leadership profile here