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Now, more than ever, we are committed to helping arts and cultural organisations and their leaders to change and deliver their organisations. Your response to the COVID-19 crisis is mammoth and we stand both shoulder to shoulder and in humble service to you all.
We are creating tools, resources and working with industry and sector experts to help think with you about we can re-model our organisations, communicate effectively, safeguard futures and continue to work with and for the communities we feel so passionately about. As an essential element of health and wellbeing, self expression and our human community, we know you want to find ways to continue offering opportunities for creativity, art, innovation and connection.

We’re committed to helping you and your organisations navigate these changes, and we want all cultural organisations to access the best support at this time.

We’re focussing our current efforts on the immediate changes and responses you might need to take to help your organisation react, plan and safeguard your futures.
We want to share free resources, offer insights and support that you might find useful and help in any way occurs to you.
We are refining our change creation programmes to fit with current demands, and we will be building and growing new networks of peer support for cultural leaders across the UK. Talk to us to access our free support or to explore ways that our team of colleagues could complement your existing team to help you navigate changes in your organisation, community and nation.
Drop us an email here and we’ll connect with you today to see how we can support you in your unprecedented journey.




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Get clarity and buy-in on the changes you are making. A really simple straight forward way to explore different views, opinions and identify the common vision for the changes you are making.

Sophie's Change Leadership at Inpress

Inpress is the UK’s specialist in selling books produced by independent publishers. It supports around 50 independent publishers to reach their audiences by managing their sales and marketing to the book trade. They produce around 300 books a year on a range of subjects.

Developing StrategyLeadership

Nick's Change Leadership at the Royal Opera House

The iconic Royal Opera House is home to two of the world’s greatest artistic companies - the Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet, performing with the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. The aim is for many more people to enjoy and engage in exceptional opera and ballet; seeking to strengthen the excellence of its output and open up to…


Karen's Change Leadership at Turner Contemporary

Turner Contemporary is known internationally for its unique approach to community-led commissioning and support of children’s leadership through the arts. It brings world-class art and people together in innovative ways, which other organisations want to harness. Karen established the Learning Programme, pioneering the use of Hands on Philosophy, which is a creative facilitation technique, incorporating Philosophical Inquiry.


8 Elements of Change Model Self Evaluation Tool

Work through the 8 Element Change Model using this self evaluation tool - where are you now, what areas do you need to focus on? Use the prompts and indicators to guide your thinking.