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We are committed to helping visionary organisations and their leaders to create and embed transformational change… and that commitment doesn’t stop when the programme ends. It isn’t limited to the 28 organisations we are working with. We want all cultural organisations to access the best support to create change and build resilience. So whether you are starting on your change plan or looking for advice about stakeholders, engagement, organisational culture, developing vision and strategy, we’ve developed change models, tools, and resources for you to use.

We will be testing new ideas and sharing insights. We will be learning from our incredible cohort and collectively we’ll establish new ways of working to help the sector change and develop. We hope you find what you’re looking for, and if you don’t, let us know because we won’t rest until we’ve delivered lasting results for the wider cultural sector. Tailored support, mentoring, coaching, leadership development, employee engagement, facilitation, strategic development… people make it work has the expertise and industry insight to support you and your organisation, so we’d love to hear from you.




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Claire's Change Leadership at Diverse City

Diverse City is an award-winning organisation committed to diversity and equality - an engine of artistic and social change in the performing arts – making shows, developing people, and widening training pathways to increase equal representation of people from disadvantaged backgrounds and with mixed physical abilities.

Annie's Change Leadership at Heritage Open Days

Heritage Open Days is England’s largest festival of history and culture which sees places of every type open their doors each September, for free, through a diverse programme of walks, talks, openings, theatrical events and family-friendly activities. Led by thousands of organisations and volunteers, HODs enables and empowers people from every background to explore, reveal and celebrate the stories that…


Influencing Plans

Actively understand, attract and win the support of stakeholders to ensure your success. Create a plan using this tool.

Developing StrategyLeadershipStakeholders

Influencing Styles

Knowing who your stakeholders are, and how best to them engage them in your change will create opportunities for ownership and impact. Think about how you can make it easy for them to support and engage.


Stakeholder Mapping

Engaging with your stakeholders - those who are affected by your change, and those who can effect your change - is critical to your change management. Map your stakeholders using this tool, and identify what their concerns, issues and interests are to engage them in your change.