Introducing Magic Me…

For 28 years Magic Me has built an international reputation as a pioneer in the field of intergenerational arts. In an increasingly polarised world, Magic Me brings the generations together through the arts to build stronger, safer, more integrated communities. Working with the oldest and youngest generations, our creative programme reflects the changing demography of London and the country, linking people different not just in age, but in ethnicity, culture and faith.

Our Change Creation Plan

Our 5 year Strategic Plan lays out how we want to change Magic Me’s focus, to deliberately grow our impact, reach and supporter base, beyond our Tower Hamlets home area, to serve outer east London, and the East of England. The art we create brings to the fore new voices, often unheard, and different perspectives. There is demand for our proven models of engagement, from care and housing providers, other arts organisations and commissioners.

Through wider geographical reach, we will increase organisational resilience and reputation, securing new partnerships, growing income streams and our supporter base in different locations. Working with local artists and diverse communities in rural areas, small and seaside towns will challenge and develop our practice, testing our assumptions and building our skills and flexibility. This will strengthen our capacity and enable us to refine the training and consultancy services we already offer.

Why now? The ageing population is no longer in the future, it has arrived. 50% of all UK 10 year olds in 2017 can expect to live to at least 100. As a society, we urgently need to tackle some long-avoided issues about how to cover the costs of living longer beyond active working age, and what we will do with all these extra years of life. We believe quality arts activities, artworks and performances provide inspiration and means through which people of all ages can imagine, invent and experience new ways of growing older. At a time of ongoing change, crisis management and debate in our core partner sectors (education, social care, social housing) we will contribute creative thinking and proven methodology. We want the provision of the arts to be built into any new social care solutions for older people, enabling quality of life as well as quality of care.

Susan Langford, MBE

Building on her work as a graphic designer and community artist, Susan founded Magic Me in 1989 and has grown the charity from a single project in east London to become a pioneering leader in the field of intergenerational practice internationally. She has shared Magic Me’s practice with audiences across Europe and in Brazil, Canada, Singapore and Australia.

Kate Hodson

As Programme Director, Kate leads the planning and development of Magic Me’s busy programme of work. She is passionate about the role of the arts to bring people and communities together, to change perceptions and to empower.

An experienced producer of participatory programmes, Kate has led work in large and small arts organisations including the Royal Opera House, Hackney Music Development Trust and Create, and is currently a Trustee with Drake Music.