Introducing Intoart…

Intoart is an art and design studio based in South London working inclusively with people with learning disabilities. Our vision is for people with learning disabilities to be visible, equal and established artists. Our programme spans art production, learning and public programming.

Our Change Creation Plan

Intoart is moving to a new home in Autumn 2017, and we need to manage the burgeoning changes associated with move as well as the associated growth in the organisation’s artistic ambition.

Our changes include managing a three-fold increase in space to run an art and design studio, archive and office and a new space to programme increased production and on-site programming, brought about by a re-location to a different London Borough. We want to explore new opportunities for income generation, and work with and nurture a new portfolio of partners. All of changes require a shift in our communications approach and strategy.

We are planning to create change by using our new space as a great opportunity and positive platform for artists, new work, partnership building and engagement, helping us to further our vision and have a wider impact on the cultural sector.

Investing in the leadership of the organisation, Ella Ritchie and Sam Jones will undertake skills development and use new resources over the two years to develop strategy and practical tools to increase our resilience.

Ella Ritchie

Ella is Director and co-founder of Intoart. For the past 16 years, she has committed her practice to Intoart, nurturing its growth and ambition whilst maintaining the ethos and integrity. Alongside Intoart, her experience in the field of art and education spans long-term inclusive art projects working with children and young people on the Autistic Spectrum; facilitating youth and community forums; and as an artist working within residential and special educational needs settings. Her work within Higher Education includes teaching as Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts, University of Brighton.

Sam Jones

Sam  is Programme Manager and co-founder of Intoart. He is responsible for the management of solo artist programmes, partnership development, public programming, publishing and audiences. He plays a key role in supporting individual artistic development and self-advocacy, including two recent programmes by artists Mawuena Kattah and Ntiense Eno Amooquaye through to solo commissions, exhibitions, research and development with national and international reach.