Introducing Graeae Theatre…

Graeae is a force for change in world-class theatre, breaking down barriers, challenging preconceptions and boldly placing disabled artists centre stage. It champions accessibility and provides a platform for new generations of D/deaf and disabled talent through the creation of trail-blazing theatre, at home and internationally.

Our Change Creation Plan

Over the last five years Graeae has received significant boosts to its national and international reputation. Highlights have included: Jenny Sealey co-directing the Paralympic Games opening ceremony in 2012, a significant increase in international collaborations in countries such as Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, Graeae’s production of The Threepenny Opera giving impetus to the creation of the Ramps on the Moon consortium, and last year taking a production at the National Theatre for the first time.

These successes lead inexorably to the question of what the next milestones for Graeae should be. What is Graeae here to do and what might that look like in 10, 20, 30 years? Graeae needs to re-assess what success for the charity looks like and to set a medium term (5-15 year) strategy to work towards that success.

Setting a medium term strategy with the current board will have a direct impact on the resilience of the charity beyond 2022. This strategy will aim to gain an increased clarity of future purpose, leading to greater influence on mainstream culture and an increase in opportunities for D/deaf and disabled people. It will also aim to create a sustainable financial model allowing for a more informed discussion with funders and a coherent allocation of resources among future activities.

Kevin Walsh

Kevin Walsh is Graeae’s Operations Director and is responsible for fundraising, development, HR, strategic planning and general operations. He has been working for Graeae for 12 years and overseen significant changes in that time: overseeing the move to Bradbury Studios in Hackney; planning and implementing major staffing changes; and putting into action a fundraising and development strategy to reflect the shifting financial climate.

You can read Kevin’s Change Leadership Profile here

Kate Baiden

Kate Baiden is Graeae’s General Manager. She oversees the smooth-running Graeae’s artistic projects and general operations; managing administrative co-ordination across productions and R&D projects and internal communications. Kate has a background in arts administration and theatre production and has previously worked at New Diorama Theatre, artsdepot and as a freelance producer.

You can read Kate’s Change Leadership Profile here